Friday, April 15, 2011

April 2011

so here`s kinda what has been going on lately in our lives...and some pictures of the kids of course...just a warning.. there are a lot of pictures, cause let`s be honest that`s what we mostly want to see=) Here`s some pictures of just random....well let`s say the kids being they do a lot of things to make us laugh....I love it, amongst the everyday crazy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

School Christmas Program

So the girls did awesome in their School Christmas Program last night.
Hannah got to wear her jammies and sing `Santa Claus is coming to town'
She sang so loud, even when it was the wrong line...
Hallee got to be a peppermint and sing 10 pink peppermints `til Christmas...
she was adoreable and sang just as loud as Hannah. I have to say, that I sure loved it!
So here`s a few pictures from last night and a couple of what we`ve been up to lately

Monday, September 13, 2010

Party in the USA

"Why do skunks wake up in the morning and make us smell their stuff?" This is just one of Hannah's many inquiries along our trip to the States.....Hahaha.....we had just pasted a dead skunk that was really smelly.

So we went to see Dave's parents on their mission at temple square for a few days, the kids loved seeing them. They showed us all around and Hallee always asks a lot about what is inside the temples, so it was really neat for her to see the model of the Salt Lake temple where it shows all the floors and different rooms.
We stopped at Kris and Cam's in Kallispell, then went to Steph and Wayne's in Pocatello, Rita and Brent's in Layton and then back to Steph and Wayne's. Lot's of travel, lot's of cousins and ton's of fun.

Dave and all his sisters, and Brent ran in the Pocatello Marathon.Some doing the 5mile and half marathon. Pretty neat to have all of them do it. All the kids played so good and Steph planned a night out on the town for all of us adults(she's so great!)

A fun little holiday, and now summer's at an end.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Porter was born on August 9th, 4wks ago.
Wow, does time sure go by fast.
We went in to see Dr. Adolf for my weekly appointment and was induced an hour later, and then had Porter 3 hours later...pretty fast, and with no epidural. The nurse said I went from 5cm and then with the next contraction to 10cm and hello baby...(I'll be known as the screamer on that floor for a while!) He was 7.5lbs, has more hair then any of the girls did and long arms and big hands.We had a list of names that we liked ...Porter was the one we loved ...Teancum for his middle name cause he's a fighter and strong(I had some issues earlier in my pregnancy with the doctors finding a scar in my uterus that they worried about and then my blood type issues...but he is healthy, healthy=) and the Pilling name gets carried on (making Grampa Pilling proud!)
Dave and I are so excited still to finally have Porter here, as it seemed like the last month took forever. The girls love, love him and ask if they can hold, or smooch him whenever they see him.
4weeks already...with lot's of help from family and friends, lot's of fun, travelling. It sure is great to have family so close. Thanks everyone=)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Brings Spring Showers…What will June bring?

Well we had the power out for a couple of days in May due to the snow/rain and with that there’s been no water too.Man, we sure do depend on the luxuries in our everyday lives a lot. We’ve enjoyed many fires at the farm roasting hotdogs, tinfoil dinners and Hallee’s favourite smores(She’s egar to tell everyone that they’re called smores cause they are soooo good you always want some more…what a goof)
I love this time of year with all the trees in bloom. It reminds me of my Grandma how we would enjoy her pretty pink rose bushes and a crab apple tree at her house.
We’ve enjoyed trips to Calgary, Kalispell, and of course Lethbridge and Waterton to visit family and friends.

The girls our getting really good at riding their bikes. Hallee on her two wheeler and Hannah with training wheels. (They sure picked it up fast. It’s crazy all the things kids need to learn in life, and how hard it is to teach them the little things like writing their name, or counting to ten or riding a bike…..but when they finally get it I don’t know who’s more excited; them or us!)

We finally got a new car to replace our other one that the insurance wrote off after Dave hit a deer with on his way to work one morning(The month earlier when he hit a deer, it was just the side mirror. The second time I guess was the end of his luck…but we can laugh cause we were blessed that he was not hurt at all)

Peyton’s favourite words are “I wovvvv eew” (I love you) and “kay”(okay) She loves putting on her rubber boots and doing anything outside.

Hannah’s learned to draw faces and ghosts. Loves riding her bike in circles and drawing millions of H’s with sidewalk chalk.

Hallee’s rides her bikes as fast as she can and has turned into a little artist; drawing countless unicorns, rainbows, and numbers. Her last day of preschool is tomorrow. Wow time as sure gone by fast.

I’m 30wks now, only a few more to go. Yes, we’re having a boy this time around. The girls are so excited and Dave & I our nervous as heck…since we’re use to pink princess’s and tutus…hahaha…it will be fun.Just think of all the cool toys Dave can buy…I mean for the baby.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

We hosted the Walker Easter Egg-stravaganza this year...with baby animals at the farm, hotdogs and marshmellows roasted over the fire, late night talking, yummy food, easter games(thanks Dave&Cher), easter crafts, easter egg hunt, and it wouldn't be easter without a easter egg roll(with the help of the seagulls at Lions park..hahaha)
We SOLD OUR HOUSE IN CALGARY....yippee..and what a wonderful blessing!
Watched Conference at the farm with Dave's family, easter dinner, easter egg hunt again(lucky kids)and lots of fun just visiting...the kids had a blast with all their cousins.
Dave turned 31 on Monday, so we decided to celebrate by going to Waterton for a glad we did the weather was gorgeous...we walked around by the river, then climbed up the falls and ate our picnic with the biggest deer Hallee said she has ever seen...maybe because it was about two feet from her...hahaha...then we finshed it off with Dave's wonderful parents at the farm for cake.
It is such a wonderful blessing to be close to family!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Sun

Hallee was eatting breakfast before preschool a couple of weeks ago and said"Mom, there's a boy in my class that went on a trip..he brought back some fun seashells and he came back a different color!" Hahaha....he had a sun tan; they just got back from Hawaii.
A while ago; Dave took the girls out to play before dinner, and yes, they had a blast jumping, riding their bikes and splashing in the puddles in front of our house...they were drenched and covered on mud...we need to do that more often.
We've had a great week, it sure is nice being so close to the really is. At Church yesterday Hannah was asked to be a helper in sharing time and pick out which picture was Nephi. The teacher pointed to a picture of Joseph Smith and asked her if this was Nephi. She replied very confident and loudly " No that's Joseph Feilding Smith" Everyone laughed. Then later the same teacher asked all the kids if they came today in their cars and raised her handand replied "No ...we came in our vehicle" We enjoyed the warm weather yesterday by riding bikes and going for a walk after church. Dave took Hal's training wheels off her bike....and she did awesome. She told Auntie Rina on the phone that she rode her bike like the bestest kid ever.
Peyton loved saying hi to the neighbors cows "Hellllo...moo...cows"
Hannah loved the neighbor's huge white dog(He looks like a wolf) and kept saying "Good boy...come here"

Huge change from last year with the terrified screams whenever Two Spots and Boots (puppies) even looked at her. Hahaha.

Oh, how could I forget; the other night when I went to get Hannah before we went to bed to go potty...she was fast asleep on her bed with all here blankets off her bunk and she was wearing her sweater and Zebra dress up pants over her she's funny....Dave and I were laughing so hard.